LA Recording Studio

Located in beautiful North Hollywood just minutes away from Universal Studios and Hollywood Walk of Fame, our Los Angeles recording studios is a creative community dedicated to perfecting your craft to produce the highest quality sound design. Collectively we create an unconventional creative environment for all creatives.

Studio A:

Studio A Equipment List:

  • KRK Subwoofer 10'
  • 2 Adam A8X Speakers
  • 2 Prime Acoustic Speaker Stands
  • 2 Focal Solo6 Be (black and grey edition)
  • 2 Yamaha NS-10m Speakers
  • Apple Mac Computer Monitor
  • UA Apollo Twin Interface
  • Vintech Audio Pre Amp Model 473
  • UA 1176LN Limiting Amplifier
  • UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerator
  • Vintech Audio X73 Power Supply
  • Samson S Patch Plus 48 Point Patchbay
  • UAD-2 Apollo 8 A/D D/A Converter
  • Samson Servo 200 Power Amplifier
  • Furman PL-Plus C Power Conditioner
  • SSL XLogic G series compressor
  • Stereo pair of AKG 414 condenser mics
  • Samson MDA1 Mono Direct Box
  • Akai Professional Advance 49 Keyboard (Proline Sustain Pedal)
  • Austin Electric Guitar
  • Electric Guitar(Road Runner Case)

Studio A Booth:

  • Samson QH4 Headphone Amp
  • Manley Reference Cardiod Microphone
  • Audio Technica Headphones
  • Crate 8X-15 Guitar Amp
  • Manley Power Supply Box
  • K&M Microphone Stand(w/ popfilter)
  • Clear Sonic Soundproof Walls

Studio Z:

Studio Z Equipment List:

  • Yamaha SubWoofer

  • 2 Ultimate Support Speaker Stands
  • 2 Yamaha 8'
  • Apple Mac Computer Monitor
  • Furman M8LX Power Conditioner
  • Samson S Patch Plus 48 Point Patchbay
  • Heritage Audio DMA-73 Dual Pre Amp
  • UA Solo 610 Classic Vacuum Tube
  • UA Apollo Twin Interface
  • M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 49-key Keyboard Controller

Studio Z Booth:

  • Samson QH4 Headphone Amp

  • AKG N-Tube Power Supply Box
  • AKG C12 VR Microphone
  • A&M Microphone Stand(w/ popfilter)
  • Audio Technica Headphones